Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

SPLIPAY is committed to safeguarding the USER’s privacy. Any person, either individual or legal entity, on visiting, accessing and/or using the Splipay Application (APP), is aware of and agrees to this Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with the contents of this policy, we recommend you to not use the services described in the APP.


  1. SPLIPAY collects information on USERS at the moment of their registration with the APP. Personal information requested, such as name, telephone, address, email, ID, Individual Taxpayer Register, etc., will be supplied by the USER during registration and entering of a password chosen by the USER. SPLIPAY may request additional information it may deem necessary.


  1. The USERS’ personal information collected will be used for some of the APP’s purposes. Information, material, etc., as well as for advertisements, will be sent to the email registered. The email will also be used for submission of information on new equipment shared through the APP.
  2. In the event that the USER makes their profile public, SPLIPAY may store the contents of USER’s reviews, pictures and other information for disclosure in the APP, display it to other USERS and use it for professional purposes. SPLIPAY will not be liable for disclosure of information supplied in public profiles/registrations.


  1. The USER is aware that, upon visiting the APP, they will have information on their browser and IP address attributed by the internet service provider automatically collected, but the USER may not be personally identified. By automatically collecting information, SPLIPAY aims at identifying the profile of its USERS so that it can offer more efficient and adequate services.
  2. Through APP, SPLIPAY may collect information on the equipment supplied in the APP and know the USER’s location, if the USER has configured their mobile to send such information to the APP via the device’s privacy settings or if the USER has loaded pictures indicating location. SPLIPAY may use the location information collected to send materials and advertisement. To cancel the functionality of sharing location information with the APP and/or cancel the functionally of associating pictures with a location, the USER may change the privacy settings of his mobile at any time. After the cancellation of the functionality of location information, some features of the APP may be impaired. Should any question arise, USER must contact SPLIPAY.


  1. The USER may use the APP through the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) On using social networks, the USER is aware that the information will be used in compliance with their respective privacy policies.


  1. SPLIPAY will not supply data on the registration of the USER’s accesses to the application and on communications between the USER and SPLIPAY, as this information is confidential, unless if disclosure is required by court order, under the applicable legislation.


  1. The USER is liable for the image rights, copyrights, and third party rights over the pictures shared in the APP.
  2. Any device, software or another resource that may interfere with SPLIPAY’s operations and with publications of offers, products or services, descriptions, accounts or its database, cannot be used. Any unwanted interference, attempt, or activity that violates or infringes the intellectual property laws and/or the prohibitions under this Privacy Policy will subject the infringer to the applicable legal actions.
  3. SPLIPAY may use the USERS’ information should there be any investigations into fraud or other events that require actions of such nature, including, without limitation, investigations to elucidate cases evidencing attacks by hackers, inappropriate changes in the systems, crimes against honor, etc.
  4. SPLIPAY stores the USERS’ information in safe operation environments which the general public has no access to, and adopts security measures. SPLIPAY will not be held liable for events arising from the unauthorized access to the USERS’ personal information. USERS must immediately report any misuse of information and security flaws. SPLIPAY will take urgent measures to solve the problem.


  1. The commercial use of the expression “SPLIPAY,” as a trademark, trade name or domain name, as well as the contents of the APP are exclusively owned by SPLIPAY and are protected by international treaties and laws on intellectual property.
  2. Misuse and full or partial reproduction of such contents are forbidden, unless if expressly authorized by SPLIPAY. Misuse of such contents will cause SPLIPAY to take the applicable legal actions against it.

Updated on August 26, 2019.